Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution

Distributors in today’s market are faced with increased competition, new distribution channels, and higher customer service expectations. Operational effectiveness is essential, and managing items such as effective stock control in multiple warehouse locations becomes necessary for business success. Distributors must manage products with freight integration, automate business processes such as order capture and inventory replenishment, and provide real time information from sales to purchasing across multiple locations.

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Managing complexities of the distribution network requires efficiencies, and Microsoft Dynamics AX can help your business with better inventory control and enhanced visibility into the supply chain. Use the Transportation Management System to support your growing business demands. Send advanced shipping notices to your customers, manage routes through transportation engines, and reconcile freight manually or automatically. With Dynamics AX you can manage your products with item dimensions and multichannel management, while at the same time increasing employee productivity with the familiarity of products such as Microsoft Office.

zedIT consultants work with you for a seamless integration, ensuring you have the support you need to improve your operations. zedIT understands the unique differences across businesses and are committed to working as partners with our clients. Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX for large, high volume distributors and have the proven ability in efficient enterprise wide deployments.

Advanced Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Bill of Materials (BOMs)
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Transportation Management

Experience the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution

Risk Management

Better manage your risk with increased visibility into inventory levels and access to company wide sales information. Employees can collaborate with suppliers, customers and logisticians, providing organizations with the ability to make informative decisions.

Compliance Measurements

Meet requirements for changing regulations through item tracking functionality, environmental dashboards and easy-to-setup what if capabilities for impact assessments.

Customer Relationship Management

Providing enhanced customer experiences is necessary for businesses to be successful. Improve your customer service through supplier and customer integration, faster response times to customer requests, and competitive pricing due to reduced operational costs.

Supply Chain Management

Streamline your inventory based on demand and forecasting and minimize inventory levels with real-time order information and multi site inventory tracking.

See Microsoft Dynamics AX in Action

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