Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

The Retail industry is complex. Consumers are informed and empowered, therefore providing them with a personalized customer experience and meeting their expectations can sometimes be a challenge. Retailers require an advanced business solution such as Microsoft Dynamics AX to help them manage inventory investments, in-stock positions and Omni-channels.

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With Microsoft Dynamics AX, retailers are provided with modern point of sale (POS), merchandising, e-commerce, and supply chain management. These complete, end-to-end capabilities ensure retailers have systems in place to manage the complexities of the supply chain, while at the same time allowing them to effectively connect with their customers. Users can optimize their purchasing and replenishment, improve assortment planning and product mix, and manage POS terminals centrally. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows retailers to gain a unified view of the organization, and can help better manage their retail operations, processes and relationships for greater profitability.

zedIT Solutions can help your organization with its implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Our consultants are experienced, and can provide you with the support and knowledge you require during all phases of the implementation process. We believe in partnering with our clients, and we believe it is vital to understand your business, your processes and your customers. zedIT Solutions will ensure Microsoft Dynamics AX is the best solution for your retail operations.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

  • Human Capital Management
  • Social Commerce
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Modern point of sale
  • eCommerce and Store Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Order Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Customer Data Management

Drive Growth with Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

Merchandising Management

Retailers can optimize profitability with effective merchandising decisions. Experience visibility into your business and products, track your inventory real time, and better manage your work orders, back orders, and sale orders.

Flexible Point of Sale

Respond immediately to customer demands and their purchasing behavior. Capture transactions, manage POS terminals centrally, and adapt to rapidly changing business requirements with POS add-ins that can be tailored to meet specific needs. Sales associates can use Tablets to inquire on stock, complete sales orders on the floor, and check inventory at other locations and arrange shipping without ever going to the register.

Global Reach

With enhanced customer service and an end-to-end solution that standardizes processes and provides flexible deployment options, retailers are equipped to operate over various locations. Scaled operations and profitable supply chain relationships can help retailers compete locally and internationally.

Multichannel Management

Maintain a seamless consumer experience through all channels including in-store, catalog, and ecommerce sites. Retailers can track customers, manage payments across channels, and offer cross-channel scenarios such as buying online and returning an item in store.

See Microsoft Dynamics AX in Action

There is no better way to understand the impact an ERP solution can have on your business than to see it for yourself! Request a live demo and see first-hand why Microsoft Dynamics AX is the next generation in ERP.