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Win More Selling Moments & Create Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, it moves your enterprise beyond traditional CRM and acts as the cornerstone of your lasting customer loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables midsized to large enterprises to coordinate sales, support and marketing personnel to collaborate and offer personalized products, services and support that helps to meet your customer relationship needs and help you increase your competitive advantage.

With multiple business groups, complex security requirements, and multiple users around the globe, managing customer relationships across the enterprise can be a challenge. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can be confident your CRM solution will provide enterprise level performance and scale to support the needs of your local and global business groups. CRM can deliver efficiency gains like shorter sales cycles, reduced marketing costs, and superior customer engagement, while aligning your business processes, people, and technology to help you attract and retain more customers.

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Benefit From a Complete CRM Solution and Gain an Unrivaled Level of Integration to Outlook

Your Sales Office – Wherever, Whenever

Recognized as a leader in Gartner’s “Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant” report and taking the title of “Market Leader for Enterprise CRM Suite” from, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides everything your sales team needs to succeed on an enterprise scale, supporting multiple divisions and large volumes of data.

No CRM on the market has tighter, more powerful Outlook, Office 365 or SharePoint integration than Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Sales can even work from their email sending messages to prospects and customers, while it is all tracked seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be shared with other users. This will ensure buy-in from your sales team. With a similar interface to other Microsoft products, your employee training time will be minimal – so they can get to work closing more deals.

Regardless of where new opportunities arise, your sales team will have real-time access to accurate customer data to close new deals and service existing customers.

Customer Service and Care
Maximize the Productivity of your Customer Facing Workforce

In today’s mobile world, winning customers means getting and staying connected. It’s never been more important to understanding your customers’ needs and challenges. To win opportunities, you need to interact with them in a meaningful, consistent way, when and where they want to. This will be what helps you stand apart from your competitors and build lasting relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps organizations deliver customer information, case management, and service history directly to the desktops of your customer facing employees. What does this mean? You can empower your team with the customer data they need. If there is a current support case open, employees can quickly review the details and be armed with that information going into a customer call. Spend time on the phone with customers solving their issues and building relationships – not re-explaining their current situation to each team member they speak with.

Marketing and Social Monitoring
Plan, Execute, and Demonstrate Marketing ROI

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can empower your marketing team to seamlessly plan, execute, and measure campaigns across all channels - bringing your marketing visions to life. CRM can streamline lead generation and lead nurturing, while strengthening your pipeline and customer engagement and retention efforts.

A strong CRM system facilitates sharing of information between sales and marketing and doesn’t create silos. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows marketing to use sales data and activities to create compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with the prospect or customer. Sales can then leverage what marketing has sent to start new discussions and move prospects through the buyer’s journey. For even tighter integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with leading marketing automation systems like HubSpot for optimal results.

Engage with your customers and prospects anywhere or anytime while tracking and monitoring your global brand presence across all social media channels.

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